A configurable enterprise HR solution that aligns with technological and workplace requirements to provide a unique user experience. Adding an extra boost to the capabilities and of the HRIS while giving you an even better service, our latest version 8.5 with new augmented features and upgraded technologies guarantee to improve the overal performance of the system. Aligning our solution with your technological and workplace requirement, with the aim of providing a unique user experience.


Employee Information Manager

We take the generic and underrated personnel file and turn it into one of the base modules that centers on the operations of the entire platform.

Employee Life Cycle

Take a closer look at the journey each employee takes withtin the organisation as they progress up the professional ladder.


Benefit Management

Take your claims management process to the next level, with three simple steps, where the users can not only add. but track and manage the claims allocated to them.

Payroll Management

Be it creating pay slips, loan embursement or payroll reports, linked with attendance and absence tools, it captures all your overtime, no pay and attendance based incentives for your convenience.

Absence Management

Plan, track and manage your leave plan just the way you like it, while identifying leave patterns and managing leave overlaps to avoid discruptions at work.

Time & Attendance

Covering overtime to shift management becomes much more accurate then ever before with a tracking device in place you can simply capture attendance from multiple locations.


Report Navigator

An on demand library of reports for your perusal from information captured from all modules. Select the reports that you need and organise them to make it easier during those rushed moments.

On Demand Reporting Tool

Create reports to fit any requirement, filter for a drilled down view or export for future reference. Get a clear view of decision specific information with the ability to analyse them across different dimensions with ease.


Chat Bot

AI supported help that gives you day to day guidance and real time assistance, with a simple interaction just like a casual chat, to obtain quick help when you need it.


Self Service HR

We give you much more control over the essential tasks that you can do by yourself without extra steps. It's only a matter of login in and interacting to get the job you need done.

Mobile App

For those who are always on the go, we make our system available on any mobile device, iOS or Android to complete all your HR requirements from wherever you are.

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